Thursday, December 5, 2013

This Holiday Season, Take the Time to Make a Difference

Take the time...

For a waiting child, a moment is everything.  A moment can make a difference between a hug and a bruise.  A moment can make a difference between a warm meal and starvation.  A moment can make a difference between a home or...

Children without permanent families are at the highest risk for abuse, neglect, and trafficking. The most vulnerable are those with special needs.  Those who are left hanging on a moment.

They need not wait a moment longer.  Right now, families want to bring the most vulnerable of these children into their lives.  They need your help to do so.

Our goal is to reach $5,000 by the end of the year in order to help 10 more children find their forever family and to make their moment of opportunity last a lifetime.

So, do you have a moment?

Waiting Child & Special Needs Program

Hopscotch is dedicated to finding permanent and loving homes for children with special needs from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ghana, and Morocco.

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Waiting Child & Special Need Grant Fund

The Waiting Child & Special Needs Grant Fund allows Hopscotch to financially aid families pursuing the adoption of children with special needs.  To date, over 80 children have benefited from special needs grants.                                 
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