Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Moms Unite for Neal!

b0df003cf1e2231b1e6dcab7ad57700a Nuggets For Neal & Book Sale: Three Hopscotch adoptive moms have come together in support of fundraising for a specific child we call "Neal".   One adoptive mom, Lisa Garcia, believes in Neal and understands that he needs a family.  She has graciously offered to help raise funds through selling a book she has written.  All profits from any sales will go directly to Neal's grant fund.

The book, Tree of Life, is available for $12.00 here or $9.99 as a Kindle edition via Amazon.

"Connect the dots" from Genesis to Revelation!

This book is unique in that it's not just filled with Bible stories, but it is THE story of the Bible--unified, and continuous, in chronological order, from the book of Genesis, through the book of Revelation. Readers will get the big picture of God's plan of salvation for mankind!  This book is a great accompaniment to the Bible, and will help readers gain more insight into the Word of God.

Free audio book download included with purchase!

Also available: The Tree of Life Curriculum Guide:
Download Free Curriculum Guide
Over 500 activities & questions to help readers gain a deeper understanding of the scriptures!
You can purchase the Kindle edition of the book directly from Amazon:
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