Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spending Money on Even One Adoption is Great for the World


By Katie Jay

2014-07-20-17.42.10-1024x768 There is a type of comment I regularly get on this blog from the anti-adoption nuts:

“The money you are spending to bring just one child out of her country could be used to build a clinic or school, fund a doctor, public health nurse, or teacher for a year, to improve the lives of everyone in the village. How is taking one child benefitting the thousands left behind?”

The question is whether adoptive families—who are a tiny, insignificant percentage of players in the global orphan crisis—who spend $30K for our adoption costs would be better to contribute to charities instead. Which begs the question: Would the world be a better place overall with that approach, even though the children who would have been adopted would die?

The answer is no. It’s not even a debate. Here’s why.

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