Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Ups & Downs of Adoption: It's All Worth It!


If you are pregnant, have you considered making an adoption plan if you're unsure about being ready to parent? 


Video: More than two million families are looking to adopt, a process that can be filled with background checks, high costs and paperwork. But for Rick and Therese Meyer, the years of waiting and thousands spent before they finally began raising their son, Michael, was all worth it. NBC News’ Kate Snow reports.

When a couple struggles with infertility, their well-meaning friends and family might say to them, “Why don’t you just adopt?”

If only it were that simple. More than two million families are actively trying to adopt, according to government statistics. This morning, one family outside of Chicago shared their adoption story with TODAY’s Kate Snow.

Rick and Therese Meyer both grew up in big families and they knew they wanted children of their own. Shortly after getting married, they even started a college fund for the kid they already knew they wanted. But they had trouble getting pregnant, even after trying expensive rounds of in vitro fertilization, and so they decided to adopt.

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