Friday, November 8, 2013

'With all the love we have': Couple meet adopted baby on TODAY SHOW


Many Americans are unaware that children are adopted to families out side of the US.  What are your thoughts? 


Video: Watch as a Dutch parents Priscilla and Richard, who have already adopted a boy from the states, meet their new daughter, also born in America, live on TODAY.

International adoption is common in the United States, although parents in other countries are just as eager to adopt.

Meet Priscilla Devries and Richard Dros, who live in the Netherlands and wanted to have biological kids, “but it was medically not meant to be,” they said.

So they turned to adoption, but finding a child born in their native country is virtually impossible, as only one or two babies are put up for adoption each year, the couple said. Next stop: the United States, where a woman who gave birth to a girl last month chose the couple to be the baby’s parents.

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