Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wanted: A Family Of My Own

SOAR and Adoptive Families Provide Therapy Equipment for Armenian Orphan

photo Considering the millions of orphans around the world, it is impossible to expect that one individual or even one organization could touch them all. However, there are many opportunities every day for people and groups to impact the life of just one child in need.

When adoptive mother Viviane Martini learned of a preschooler with mobility issues in an Armenian orphanage, she jumped into action. She knew that the little boy was receiving physical therapy and had been telling his caregivers that he was determined to learn to walk, despite his limited control over his head, neck, arms, legs and torso. Martini started searching for equipment that could help stabilize his core, so the child could focus his energies on building muscle and skills in his arms, legs and neck. She came across the Theratogs PTA systems and contacted the manufacturer for advice. A few emails later, Martini knew which product would work best for the little boy. She was prepared to fundraise the several hundred dollars in cost, but in stepped SOAR Chairman George Yacoubian. Without hesitation, Yacoubian offered to have SOAR pay for the stabilizing garments. A fellow adoptive family soon on their way to bring home their daughter from Yerevan volunteered to carry the items to Armenia. Martini purchased a few fine motor toys to go along with the Theratogs equipment and this week all were delivered to the young child who was not only excited, but also thankful for the gifts.

In the months to come, the little boy and his therapists can use the donated items to work on improving his gross and fine motor skills. And maybe just maybe while they do so, they will know that half a world away, there are people who care deeply about making a difference, even if only for one child at a time.


Many children like this little one are waiting for a family, just like yours to open their hearts and home to him. If you are interested in adopting visit our waiting child page, or contact us via email waitingchild@hopscotchadoptions.org

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