Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Time on Nightline

We are asking everyone who cares about kids and family to promote
an ABC News Nightline episode on international adoption.

Airing Tuesday night | October 29, 12:35 AM ET

Cynthia McFadden anchors the episode which exposes the complexities of international adoption. The show will include material and footage from the STUCK tour, and the heartwarming conclusion of an adoption saga of two children, a single mom, and the struggle they endured to become a family.

This show is important as it continues the conversation the STUCK tour started. Our campaign is growing and this media event supports our efforts to make children living outside of parental care a relevant social issue.

Both Ends Burning promotes family as the best solution for at-risk kids. We believe communication can change and influence kids' lives. The Nightline episode is part of an important communication platform.

Please watch this show, and tell everyone you know to do the same. It is one more step in the journey to get more kids into families.

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