Sunday, September 29, 2013

Children In Families FIRST!!



It’s Day 5 of CHIFF Week!

Each day this week I’ve been sending you a note with one thing you can do that day to support CHIFF.  Here’s what you can do today – Day 5 of CHIFF Week.


60ef9049574fda3c72969ae680d676c8 Call Your Members of Congress

Surveys show that only 20 calls from constituents are needed for a bill to get the attention of our elected officials.  So if you only do one thing, please call.  Here is a sample script you can personalize for making that call! 


902c73ca3f1115c519912a76e3339585 Double Up - Email A Letter to Congress

Tell your Members of Congress you want them to support the Children in Families

First Act of 2013!  Here’s a template letter but be sure to personalize it.

Thanks for being a Joint Council Partner and for helping us make a historic change in the way the US government serves children and families.

Best Wishes,

Tom DiFilipo

P.S.  If you didn’t see Day 1 through 4 click here to find out what you missed – it’s not too late to catch up!

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Day 1 – Register for the CHIFF Webinar.  If you missed it, click here for a recorded version.

Day 2 -  Become a CHIFF Sponsoring Organization.  Send an email to stating “NAME OF ORGANIZATION is a CHIFF Sponsoring


Day 3 – Like CHIFF’s Facebook page and post about CHIFF on yours.

Day 4 – Send out a Call To Action and rally your troops.

Day 5 -  Call your Members of Congress!

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