Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quick! What Would You Take With You?

By Robin E. Sizemore, Executive Director of Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc
Photo Credit: Dwell With Dignity

th Recently friends were discussing the value of things seemingly without importance or worth, but conversely contain priceless memories and sentiment to the beholder.  Assuming your family members (including your pets!) were all safe and out of harm's way, what one thing would you not leave behind in the event of a disaster? 

My husband and I have often spoke of this and go over 'the plan' again and again.  We can't speak of impending doom without having to repeat it as if we need to indelibly mark this in our memory and commit to it as a team.  I think you may also know the answer if you are an adoptive family..... the box with photos and adoption documents!!!  Is there another answer???  Not in our family. 

You see, we are not foolishly keeping them in our home with every possible exposure to damage or loss, but we are forced to do so.  We've been waiting on a larger bank deposit box for years with no luck.  What do you have to do to score one of those?!?!?  Every few months we check in to see if there may possibly be an opening.  Alas, zip!

For now we have a supposedly 'fire-proof' box and just pray that we don't have cause to test it.  Until then, if your have has no 'priceless plan' in place.... get one and get it fast.  And while you are at it, tap the bank for the big box!    

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