Friday, May 24, 2013

Rex's First Field Trip

Around this time two years ago, we received our last update on Rex from Yerevan.  It had been six long months since we'd held him and a court date still was not in sight for us.  Looking at these pictures then made me so sad, but seeing them today breaks my heart even more because I know Rex's personality and expressions now and recognize the tremendous pain, loneliness and frustration he must have been feeling when these photos were taken.

Today, just two short years later, Rex ventured on his first field trip with his classmates, teachers, and a pack of parents at his side.  Watching him enjoy the day, I couldn't help but think of those photos of him in the pink turtleneck and struggled to hold back the tears.  What a difference it has made for this wonderful boy that we found him, were entrusted with his care, and granted the privilege to call him our son.

Rex loved the hayride, especially when the trees made a roof over our wagon

Rex at Pioneer Village, building a fire and cooking

Enjoying the giant ball pit

Braving the super fast, long slide

This is the face of adoption, the face of a boy who is loved by his family, the face of a child receiving the best possible care for his medical and developmental needs, the face of happiness.  This is the face that makes my heart sing every single day.

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