Friday, May 24, 2013

Hearing on a Review of US Foreign Assistance for Children in Adversity

May 21, 2013: View the "Hearing on a Review of US Foreign Assistance for Children in Adversity" chaired by Senator Landrieu (D).  This hearing is in regards to a new National Action Plan for Children in Adversity which is setting the stage for children in foreign countries to have strong beginnings, families first through all possible options, and protection from violence, abuse and exploitation. 

Forward to the 1:03:03 mark of the video to hear the Dr. Susan Bissell, Chief of Child Protection, Program Division for UNICEF respond to Senator Landrieu's pointed and thought provoking questions. Senator Landrieu asks questions about UNICEF's budget allocation toward permanency efforts for unparented children, methodology and inability to account for the true number orphans living outside of parental care, narrowly defined as a single orphan (one parent living) or a double orphan (both parents living). 

Thank you to Chuck Johnson, President and CEO of the National Council For Adoption (NCFA), for sharing the link and keeping us informed. 

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