Saturday, February 16, 2013

Should Pre-Adoptive Parents Call Themselves “Expecting” Or “Paper Pregnant”?

I love it when I am forced to think out of my comfortable box, and the topic of this week's blog did just that. Is it offensive or disrespectful to expectant woman who are considering adoption for pre-adoptive parents to refer to themselves as "expecting" or "paper pregnant"?

Often the discussion in the comment section of my blogs are more informative (and interesting) than the blog itself. On a recent blog comment, someone referred to herself as an expectant mom while she is waiting to adopt. Monika, a birth mom who blogs over at Monika’s Musings, responded: “[A]s a birth mom, I don’t like “expecting” from an adoptive mom’s perspective (hoping would be better in my opinion).” Well, we were off to the races then, with lots of thought provoking opinions from all sides.

I had not given much thought to the use of the term “expectant” or “paper pregnant” until this discussion, but afterwards it was all I thought about. Apparently I wasn’t alone. When I contacted Monika to ask if she wanted to participate in a blog discussion about this topic, she said she hadn’t been able to get it off her mind either. We agreed to enter into a dialog here, with neither of us trying to prove the other wrong or change the others mind, but with the spirit of better understanding. ...

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