Monday, November 5, 2012

24 Abandoned Babies Per Day in Morocco, 153 Are Born Out of Wedlock | New York, October 9, 2012

According to the study “The Morocco of single mothers” of the association Insaf, 153 babies are born out of wedlock every day and 24 babies are abandoned.

Kafala (a form of adoption according to Moroccan and Islamic jurisprudence) stands today as the best alternative to ensure a decent life for abandoned children, said Béatrice Beloubad, the national Director of SOS Children’s Villages on Saturday in Casablanca,, MAP news agency reported on Monday

“In Morocco, orphanages are overcrowded and more than 700 children are accommodated in five villages of our association,”  she told MAP on the occasion of the opening of the third exhibition of early childhood and kafala, calling for greater coordination of efforts to provide quality support for the benefit of abandoned children, whose numbers are increasing.

“Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens, the foundation of society and a true small capital in search of support, training and assistance. They have the right to a full and decent life to aspire to contribute in the near future in the development of their country, “she said.

“Twenty-four babies are abandoned every day and this number tends to increase,” said, for her part, Asmaa Benslimane, founding president of the Association of Morocco Babies, who highlighted the importance of early actions to prevent the abandonment of babies, including working schoolgirls and school dropouts.

An earlier study conducted jointly by the Moroccan League for Child Welfare and UNICEF in 2009 revealed that the number of abandoned children in 2008 was 4,554, or 1.3 per cent of total births that year.

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