Monday, February 20, 2012

Hopscotch's Viviane Martini, Mom to a Bulgarian Princess & Armenian Prince Revisted the Ministry of Justice Statistics Today

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bulgaria Statistics Revisited
One of my readers, Lucy, left an informative comment on my post about the adoption statistics, so I wanted to make sure everyone interested could see it. I do think she is quite accurate in noting that the second column shows special needs adoption procedures of identified waiting children and they are included in the total of the first column. So, for example, of the 65 MOJ consents given for adoptions by U.S. APs, 45 were for identified waiting children with special needs and only 20 were for children referred through the main procedure. I don't know how this slipped off my radar. I guess I shouldn't do translations late at night. My apologies.

It also makes much sense that these numbers reflect final consent given by MOJ for the adoptions since the statistics are released by MOJ and those last signatures is where their involvement with the process stops.

Lastly, I was not terribly clear in my initial post in indicating that the numbers reflected in the first column are not equal to the number of children that were adopted, but rather to the number of adoption procedures. So, just to reiterate, a total of 287 adoption consents were issued by MOJ in 2011, (soon) bringing 329 children to other countries.

Here's Lucy's original comment:

"The public statistics show in fact the number of the signed consents given by the Minister of Justice, it means the dossiers that have received their signatures, but haven't still passed through Court, received the new birth certificate and Bulgarian passport. Therefore if we have any kind of statistics for the number of issued Bulgarian passports for intercountry adopted children, it will be different. In brief, these are not the numbers of the children that have been adopted by foreign AP and have left Bulgaria, but rather part of the one that have left Bulgaria in 2011 and the one that will be shortly leaving."

The second column shows the number of SN procedures. If I do remember correctly, it is included as number in the one of the first column or namely about US:

There have been 65 given consents by the Minister of Justice, including 45 for SN kids. As I think you already know, the number 65 indicates the number of the referrals/adoptive families and not the number of adopted kids, as sometimes under 1 referral/dossier we could have even 2 or more kids. It is the same for the SN procedures.

Moreover, you could see as well the share that US has taken in 2011, namely 23% /for 65 cases/, Italy - the first one is 38% /for 107 cases/."

Thank you, Lucy!

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