Monday, February 20, 2012

Ghana's Grand Opening of A New Obstetric Operating Room

Ridge Regional Hospital was just voted “Best Hospital” in the Greater Accra Region due to the performance of the obstetrics department. Emmanuel Srofenyoh, Kybele's local champion, will receive special acknowledgement during the Opening Ceremony. Needless to say, this is wonderful. Ridge had a tragic track record just 5 years ago when Kybele started collaboration. Kybele chose the right local champion and Kybele's role in advocacy has been pivotal. Kybele will continue to cheer Ridge forward, as the standard bearer, for institutions throughout Ghana.

Kybele's Dr. Medge Owen and Dr. Yemi Olufolabi will return to Ghana next week for the opening of the new obstetric operating room.

Honored guests to include:
  • Dr. Obeng Apori, Medical Director of Ridge Hospital
  • Dr. Emmanuel Srofenyoh, Director of Clinical Services of Ridge Hospital
  • Ernestina Naadu Mills, First Lady of Ghana and Guest of Honour
  • Mrs. Nagwa Kattah, President of GIWC
  • Dr. Medge Owen, Founder of Kybele Inc.
  • Donald Teitelbaum, US Ambassador to Ghana 

    Congratulations to all of the team members that made this immense positive impact on the lives of so many Ghanaian women and children.

    Click here for past participants.

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