Saturday, January 21, 2012

Healing Hands

An International Adoption (IA) Specialist Pediatrician is invaluable in the assessment of a referral.  The evaluation is priceless, as it allows you, the prospective adoptive family, to truly ascertain your capacity to parent the child and provide the best home and future.  Your evaluation will allow you to seek out resources specific to your new child's needs in advance of their coming home.  Another recommendation would be to consider working with an IA specialist that sees the majority of children from the sending country in their IA practice.  By choosing such a doctor, you'll benefit from their ability to draw upon experience from having seen many medical reports and knowing the nuances to how records are kept, the standard of care to keep and any other cultural idiosyncrasies specific to their reporting.  Most IA specialist will also work with you while you are in country to help you assess before you commit the child's adoption.  Hopscotch strongly urges all families to contract with an IA specialist as soon as possible to have your account set up for quick turn around on a referral when the big day comes.

For more information, see "Healing Hands" by Richard Jerome.

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