Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hopscotch Adoptions Inc Announces Partnership with Armenia's NGO "Renaissance of Children"

In this newsletter, you will learn about the immense impact of "Renaissance of Children" and how the lives of so many Armenian children are changed forever thanks to this organization and its founder, Dr. Garen Koloyan and friend to the children, Araz Artinian. Hopscotch would like to also recognize and thank our parent volunteer, Kelly Hunt Madden, for her commitment to this project. Without Kelly's efforts, the two year supply of casting material would be only a dream... today it is a reality!! Families that 'give back' through efforts like this are the cornerstone to good will and an expression of our passion for all children in need. Join hands with Hopscotch today in helping more dreams come true!

Download the newsletter (PDF)

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