Friday, March 11, 2016

American Friends of Georgia's Most Successful Gala!

AFG Hosts Most Successful Gala Ever in Tbilisi

Our Gala raised $111,300 after expenses, which included an additional pledge of $41,000 by Ivane Nakaidze, founder and managing partner of Petrocas Energy Group and Patron of our Gala in Tbilisi. Our goal was to raise funds for two specific projects--the Dzegvi Community Building Fund and the Hospice Home Care Program--and to restore the tradition of philanthropy in Georgia.

 Painting by Levan Lagidze donated by Board Members Ambassador and Mrs. Richard Miles, Auctioneer Extraordinaire & Managing Director of Pricewaterhouse Coopers Cliff Isaak, AFG Executive Director/Georgia Lena Kiladze and volunteer Keti Sidamonidze  

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Video highlights from the Tbilisi December 12, 2015 Fundraising Gala  

View the the entire Gala video

The Dzegvi Community Building Fund


The Gala began our year-long campaign to raise enough funds for the renovation of a former orphanage building, which is part of a complex of buildings housing 78 residents who are mentally ill adults, physically handicapped adults, and abandoned single mothers with their children. This transformed building will become a community center with vocational training, workshops, and rooms for residents.


Children in the building needing renovation at Dzegvi Community Shelter, photo by Nella Rasic

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Click here to view film: Dzegvi Community Shelter and Hospice Home Care Program Film  
Photos made by David Khizanishvili, Editing by David Khizanishvili and Kate Kalandarishvili

The Hospice Home Care Program


Founded by Abbess Mariam, the Hospice Home Care Program brings much needed nursing care and comfort to elderly and seriously ill Georgians in their homes. Our year-long campaign seeks to help Abbess Mariam expand the homecare program to reach additional unserved Georgians who are desperately poor and sick or alone without care.

 Marusya Chavchavadze and Abbess Mariam at work visiting a Home Care patient, photo by Nella Rasic  

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