Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Powerful Truths About FASDs and Little Heroes

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Missed the recent webinar on FASDs? No Problem.

In case you missed the recent webinar, The Powerful Truths About FASD, featuring Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff and hosted by Mike Berry of Confessions of a Parent: Hope and Humor from the Trenches, please enjoy this free link to the recording.

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Little Heroes: An Educational Comic Book for Parents and Children

Little Heroes #4: Sensory IntegrationLittle Heroes is a series of stories written about children who face a variety of challenges in their everyday lives. The series is meant to guide you, through story and pictures, to help children understand why they feel the way they do based on problems that are beyond their control. Each comic book is accompanied by a Parent's Guide that provides a much fuller explanation of each of the comic book topics.
All of the Little Heroes books are based on true stories of children and families treated by Dr. Ira J. Chasnoff and his clinical team. The comic books engage children by providing fun illustrations with easy-to-understand stories and can also be used as coloring books. Little Heroes #1: FASDs includes educational games and puzzles.

$10/book, includes both the comic and Parent's Guide.
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Little Heroes #1: FASDs5 Little Heroes books to choose from:

Our latest addition to the series, Little Heroes #5: Military Separation, helps families cope with being separated during a military deployment. It can be used to help families explain the separation to their children and prepare them for the challenges they will face. The accompanying Parent's Guide provides a fuller explanation of the effects of military deployment and prolonged separation on the family.

Check out our online store for more resources on FASDs, attachment, prenatal care, adoption, and more.

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