Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Collaborative Future for Adoption

October 6, 2015

Group photo of participants at 2015 Adoption Symposium at the Department of State.

We would like to thank the participants of the Adoption Service Provider (ASP) symposium, “A Collaborative Future for Adoption.”  We appreciate everyone’s participation and willingness to share ideas on how to work together to improve the adoption process. We hope the conversations and relationships developed during the symposium will continue and produce meaningful results.

We found these discussions fruitful as we discussed strategies to increase coordination and cooperation in relation to intercountry adoption. The Department’s goal is to strengthen our relationships and communication with the adoption community, and this symposium served as a starting place to pursue that goal. The Department believes intercountry adoption should be a viable option for children in each country, and working to ensure the adoption process is ethical, transparent, and in a child’s best interests is a Department priority. We believe intercountry adoption can provide children the opportunity to grow up in a loving, protective, and permanent family environment when they cannot be cared for in their country of birth. 

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