Monday, June 22, 2015

About that Homecoming.... When We Come Home....


Hi Everyone!

We are SO excited to be coming home soon. But before we do we wanted to be sure to let everyone know what to "expect" from us and from Asher upon returning home. Asher has done an amazing job so far transitioning into our family and bonding with us. However, once we get home it will be another transition for him. New place, new home, new environment & new people; we want to give him the best and easiest transition we can. In order to make sure that this happens, we are going to ask a few things of everyone. We appreciate your patience and effort to help us! :)

1.) Please don't hug/kiss Asher (at least not yet) We want him to understand that hugging & kissing is only for family. In order to do that, we have to ask that everyone refrain from falling into the cuteness. I know, he's adorable! SO, if you would like (if you see us out and about), high fives/fist bumps/pats on the back are ok. We will let you know when he is open for more affection.

2.) Please do not feed him (Or change his diaper, for that matter) Right now, ALL of Asher's needs must be met by his Mommy & Daddy. We want him to understand that we can & will meet all of his needs. Again, we will let you know when it is ok to give the little guy a snack or two. But please, for now, let us meet this need.

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