Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lusie Santangelo One of the First Recipients


By Allison Norlian

RIT Professor Launches Movement Creating Online Global Network: Lusie Santangelo One of the First Recipients!


Rochester, NY (WROC)- A Rochester Institute of Technology professor has created an online global movement that started with one YouTube video comment.

Dr. Jon Schull, a research scientist in magic said he was searching the web a year and a half ago when he came across a YouTube video from South Africa. The man in the video was a carpenter and he had just lost a few of his fingers because of an accident.

"He had been told prosthetics cost tens of thousands of dollars and are really hard to get if you have a hand but no fingers," Schull said. "He did searching and found my now friend Ivan Owen, a puppet maker for movies, together they spent a year designing an adaptive device thats much more primitive then this."

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