Monday, September 8, 2014

Provide Your Message of Family to Child Welfare Officials Around the World

World%20family%20day%202014 Child welfare officials from more than 20 countries will be attending our Global Symposium on Child Permanency this November.

Both Ends Burning is bringing these countries together to address a single topic: How do we get these kids the permanent loving families they deserve?

There has never been a global forum devoted to this topic.

Nor has there ever been an international effort focused on getting kids into families.

Both Ends Burning is committed to starting this effort, and we are doing so beginning with our symposium in November. While many have inquired about attending, this is intended to be a working session, and unfortunately the format is not conducive to public participation

However, you can share your message with these officials by helping us create a FAMILY AROUND THE WORLD video that we will show our guests during the symposium. This short film, showcasing a wide range of diverse families, will be an emotional visual experience of how people from around the world describe what “being a part of a family” means.

Please click here  to submit your family's message for the "Family Around The World" video. You can either send us a photo of your family with a written quote about how you describe family, or create a short video of your family sharing what family means to you.

Your participation will further our efforts to advocate for "getting kids into families" as a core value of every child welfare program.

Plus, with your help, this could be a really cool video we could share all over the world!

Craig Juntunen
Founder, Both Ends Burning

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