Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Grants for Medical Reviews!!!!


sp "The adoption process can be a wild ride. It can be a time of great emotional swings—fear, excitement, grief, joy—that can make it difficult to always know the right next step for your family. Many of us have found support from the adoption community, a tight-knit group, historically ready to support other families in the adoption process. Though this support is very helpful, support from professionals who can come along side of us and prepare us in ways that we would not be able to ourselves is crucial.

We believe that the family is responsible to be as well prepared as possible for the major life change that adoption brings. One of the most significant ways you can prepare yourselves is to bring in medical professionals to work with you to understand what it means to bring a child out of an institution or foster home and transition him or her into a permanent home. Furthermore, when you review an available child’s paperwork or receive a referral, this child you have dreamed about is no longer a dream but is an actual child…perhaps your child. These professionals provide valuable insight during this process regarding what needs the child has and how to best care for him or her and help to prepare you to be the parents to that specific child. We want to encourage adoptive families to seek out a medical organization offering comprehensive support, a program that includes more than a quick review of some paperwork and a summary email or phone call, but rather an organization that (a) works with you pre-referral, (b) helps you work through any and all medical info provided when you first receive or are considering a referral, and (c) offers post-placement support.

Using a service like this is costly on top of an already expensive adoption process, especially since medical insurance will not cover these costs because the child is not an official dependant. However, it is an invaluable service that can bring real clarity when it is most needed. It is also where we come in. We find this service so important that we want to provide a way for families to enroll in these programs who otherwise would not be able to handle the expense. If you believe you would qualify, we encourage you to apply for a grant. If you do not think you would qualify but understand the benefit of these programs, we encourage you to partner with us and donate so others have the opportunity to take advantage of this service.

Basic Application Process:

  • Find a medical organization that offers this type of service
  • Determine if you need help paying for this service
  • Fill out The Sparrow Fund application. Click here to download the form.
  • Gather additional documents:
  • Copy of your initial home study and any subsequent updates
  • Copy of your most recent pay stub(s)
  • Letter from your adoption agency. Click here for a sample.
  • Copy of the application to the medical review service provider (if applicable)

Mail all the documents to:
The Sparrow Fund
Attn: Application Review
124 3rd Ave
Phoenixville, PA 19460

We will only accept applications from January through October. Any application received in November or December will not be reviewed until January.

The Sparrow Fund will review the application and determine if you qualify for the grant
and contact you as soon as possible."

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