Saturday, September 20, 2014

Birth mothers and birthday thoughts from Madeleine Melcher. Excellent!


By Madeleine Melcher

To My Own BIRTHmother on my BIRTHday...

So here I sit with my coffee, it is September 17th and the cool fall air has just begun emerging in the mornings--my favorite time of year.  A little quiet time when I can collect my thoughts before my sweet darlings get up for school.  It is my birthday.  My thoughts go to all the birthdays before this one, filled with special cakes made by my mom, gifts that I loved, parties with friends and the little train tray my mom would bring to our beds on our birthday ~filled with a special birthday breakfast as she cheerfully came in to sing.  But there is one other person I think of on my birthday…someone I do not even know.  Someone that had a lot to do with the actual day I was born, but who I have never carried on a real conversation with~  my own birthmother.

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