Friday, June 27, 2014

You don't know when my birthday is?

Webinar Series for Adoptive Families: Talking about adoption

TUESDAY July 8 7:00 PM CT

Tackling Tough Adoption Talks

Talking to your child about adoption can be joyful...and sometimes difficult. Your child has questions you can't always answer, some details you do have may be tough for her to hear, or she just may not want to talk about it. But talking, even about the tough stuff, is an essential part of what adopted kids need from their parents.

Learn from an expert
Join Jayne Schooler, adoptive parent, author and educator, for great tips on how to tackle tough talks when:

· Kids don't want to talk

· Siblings have different stories and different available information

· You're not sure of the answers

Insight from an adopted person
Jayne will be joined by Carmen Knight who was adopted internationally. Carmen will give real life examples of how her parents incorporated adoption into her life - even when it wasn't an easy task.

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