Sunday, June 1, 2014

Meet Our Newest Hopscotch Adoptions Board Member Lisa Anne Kazazean

Lisa%20Portrait%20002 Lisa is the very proud single mother to two wonderful boys.  Her first son, Armen was adopted from Armenia 1n 2007 and her second son, Zain was adopted from Morocco in 2010.  Lisa’s father was born in Armenia and was a survivor of the genocide, although he would never speak about his early years,  he continued his Armenian pride and culture throughout his long life.

Lisa, originally from upstate New York, graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition.  

Lisa worked in the field of nutrition until she moved to Michigan in 1991.  At that time, she began working full-time in residential real estate.  After 15 years of a successful real estate career, she relocated to Colorado. She raised her boys in the beautiful resort area in Dillon, Colorado until 2014 when choosing to move closer to family on the east coast.

She is also a contributor and member of Project Discovery, an Armenian archaeological organization and Focus Armenia, an organization to help residents in Gumyri.  She also has donated to SOAR, Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief and served on the board of the Denver chapter.  She sits on the board of a Southwest Vermont Career Development Center, Bennington, VT and contributes time and resources to various other local charities. She has started a local Single Mothers Group to provide support to single mothers of all backgrounds.

Lisa believes her two boys have touched so many lives of people and opened up hearts of family, friends and strangers. She believes adoption is the promise of a future for children and parents alike. Her life has been enriched 100-fold by bringing these two boys into her world.

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