Friday, February 21, 2014

Updated Course: Caring for Natural Black Hair

New Course For Adoptive Families

Braids, Curls, Twists and Twirls

A How-To for Natural Black Hair Care

We've upgraded our hair care course! Braids, Curls, Twists & Twirls: A How-To for Natural Black Hair Care contains even more expert tips and new styles!

Your child's hair is different than yours. It requires different care and styles, which can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming.

Recognizing and honoring these differences, and finding styles that look and feel good can make a big impact on your daughter's sense of self. Learning to treat and style her hair can also help you feel better as a parent.

Using easy to follow how-to videos, our expert stylist walks you through basic care techniques and styles.

  • Consider the impact hair care has on self esteem and cultural identity
  • Learn basic techniques such as shampooing, conditioning and hair styling for different types of black hair
  • Understand the myths vs. realities of caring for natural hair

Check out this clip from the course on flat twist styles:

Braids, Curls, Twits and Twirls








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