Thursday, January 9, 2014

News from Georgia: Pilgrims seek wish fulfillment at monk's tomb

found by BBC Monitoring


_72128455_816205831532080_1510166605874236_12866311_n Father Gabriel - who died in 1995 and was later canonized - was rumored to have made the promise in a vision to a local nun, a story that spread through social media and word of mouth.

Two wishes would supposedly be granted to those who arrived at the tomb before Orthodox Christmas - which falls today.

Priests were quick to denounce the "vision", however. Hegumen Kirion Machaidze took to Facebook to accuse the visitors of "idol worship" and of treating Father Gabriel like a "genie".

Church leaders were finally forced to release a statement which declared "The notion that everyone will have all of their wishes granted cannot be true, as those requests which are pleasing to God and which are in line with the will of the Lord are fulfilled, not just any desire."

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