Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gifted Garner Teen Embraces Both His Natural Talents and Challenge



The Johnson family is near and dear to my heart.  After having adopting their beautiful Georgian daughter Lela, she insisted nearly every day that they save meals, seats, toys, etc for Nika.... the Johnsons began to wonder if Nika was an imaginary friend.  Soon they learned that Nika was Lela's best friend from Tskhneti orphanage and they knew they had to return to bring him home too.  I had the honor to escort Nika from Tbilisi to Moscow and remember his cries for his beloved care-giver Zara.  It was emotionally gut wrenching to see how painful the separation was for him.  Today we are looking back and seeing the amazing, no, seemingly impossible achievement he has mastered.  Nika is a conqueror and together with his dear sister Lela, they are perfect examples of the importance of a permanent and loving family. 

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