Thursday, December 12, 2013

Georgian Association Requests Your Help To Support Ukraine

Dear Friends,

The Georgian Association expresses solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are standing strong for freedom and democracy in the face of Russian pressure. Today, Ukraine is fighting for integration into the EuroAtlantic structures. We encourage our members and friends to join us in supporting Ukraine in these critical times. Should Ukraine cede to Russia's wishes, the neighboring countries - including Georgia - will soon after face the same pressure from Russia.

Here is how you can help:

Contact the White House and your senators and representatives in Washington and urge them to unequivocally condemn all attempts to forcefully breakup the EuroMaidan. It is of paramount 
importance that human rights and the civil liberties of these peaceful protestants are honored.

Email the White House:

Call the President: Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414

To send an e-mail to your senators and representative in Washington, go to: and

Nino Aduashvili
Executive Director
Georgian Association in the USA, Inc.



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