Sunday, November 3, 2013

Waiting Child Notification

Waiting Child Program

Great Wall China Adoption 

Not Every Story begins with "When you were a baby..."

Your donation is the beginning of a waiting child's story...They're counting on you!

Hi! I am 4 yrs. old.  When I was younger I had a big surgery that corrected my VSD and ASD and now my heart beats normally. I am not as big as the other kids my age but wonderful things come in small packages.  I am not as far along as my class mates but I am trying really hard to be a better speaker.  I still talk with short sentences, but I am ready to start using bigger ones.  My legs can be very stiff but I got to a special doctor where we practice using my legs so they can get better. I like to think I am very smart and I love pleasing my caretakers.

Hi! I am 6 yrs. old.  I was brought to the orphanage when I was just a few days old.  I think my parents knew that I would be taken care of there.  My right wrist doesn't look like all of my friends, but I have no problem keeping up with them.  I can do almost everything all by myself.  I can use my right hand to grab things and can even use my left hand to draw and hold my chopsticks!  I can be introverted at times but I still enjoy playing around with the other kids. I like to play with toys, especially trucks.

Hi! I am 9 yrs. old.  The doctor's say that I have Hemophilia, but I don't let that stop me.  Even though I can't run fast because of my condition, I love to watch my remote control cars go fast.  Toy cars are my favorite, but I really enjoy going to the zoo.  I know I am very smart so that is a place where I get to learn more and share what I learn with my friends.  I talk a lot with my friends and especially love it when we get to go to the carnival!

Hi! I am 8 yrs. old. My doctor says that I have cerebral palsy and I have to go to therapy every day so that I can get stronger.  Since my speech is a little behind my friends I typically stay quiet but I am learning to speak better. I really enjoy helping my teachers and they help me study. I can walk by myself but I fall down a lot.  I don't let anything keep me down, I always get right back up and keep pushing! School is my favorite place to go, I like to learn.  I have been learning to speak better and I can now sing songs and folk rhymes.  I especially love happy songs and sharing them with my friends.

Hi! I am 7 yrs. old. My doctor diagnosed me with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI).  Because of this I have trouble walking by myself so I get to use a wheel chair, which is so much fun! I live with a foster family where we listen to lots of music and they have taught me to sing. I have lots of friends and we have so much fun together. I talk a lot with my friends and they even let me sing to them, which really makes me smile!

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