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Sweet Chance was born in September of 2012 with Down syndrome. It is unknown whether he has issues with this heart, as he is awaiting an appointment with a cardiologist at this time. He smiles and laughs when entertained. He makes sounds and takes toys. When being talked to he reacts but it is a bit delayed. He sleeps and eats well. He is developing slowly, but you can see his progress. He is a very sweet boy who is loved by everybody. His caretakers love him very much and there is also a volunteer who spends a lot of time with him at his orphanage.

Update September 2013: We have good news for Chance! He has recently had heart surgery, which was very successful and he is recovering right now. We will gather more details as they become available, but the change in his behavior is obvious to his caretakers. He has become much more active. He smiles more and plays (although he is still weak after surgery). He eats and sleeps well. Measurements: Weight - 6 kg; Length - 68 cm; Head circumference - 42 cm.  Additional reports, photos and videos are available upon request. 


Imogen was born in July 2002 and is a healthy child who has been diagnosed with mild mental delay.  Strabismus in her left eye was surgically corrected.  While Imogen can speak in sentences of varying length, her expressive speech appears to be affected by disorders, such as dyslalia and agrammatism.  She may also have some learning disabilities.

Imogen is described as a sociable, kind girl with a sweet temperament.  She attends school and has attained some rudimentary academic knowledge.  She works hard on her studies and behaves respectfully toward her teachers.  Imogen can cut with scissors, arrange objects according to a pattern, thread beads, identify her name, age, and gender, and describe what is happening in a picture.

Imogen likes to swim, draw and sing, and participate in aikido.  She has well-developed fine and gross motor as well as self-help skills.  She can respond to requests and follow instructions.  Imogen enjoys group activities.  She wishes to be adopted and it is expected that she would thrive and progress in a family.  Additional reports, photos and videos are available upon request. 


Erika was born in February 2006 and has been diagnosed with cleft lip and palate (surgically corrected), congenital cataracts (surgically corrected), secondary glaucoma of the left eye, and epilepsy.  She also has profound mental delay.

Erika can walk when led by a hand.  She does not speak and is described as introverted, unresponsive, and distant.  Erika does not play with toys or interact with people in her environment.  She has no self-help skills.

Erika is affected by severe psychological conditions, including persistent self-injury, anxiety, as well as possible psychosis, depression, hallucinations, and autism.  A number of medications have been tried to alleviate Erika's symptoms, but success has been limited.  Additional reports, photos and videos are available upon request. 


Ariana is a physically healthy girl whose neuropsychic development is significantly delayed.  In infancy, Ariana was diagnosed with I-II degree hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.  She was successfully treated for high instep on her feet and now walks and runs independently.  Her urogenital system is being monitored for infections, but has been stable for a long time.

As of January 2012, Ariana was speaking in short sentences and enjoying musical activities with her peers.  She could draw circles and immersed herself in pretend games with friends.  She can dress, undress, wash and eat without assistance.  Ariana enjoys the outdoors and spending time on the playground.

Ariana attends mainstream primary school with the help of a resource teacher.  She also spends time with a baba through the Grandmother Grandchild program.  The staff at the orphanage report that there's a positive trend in Ariana's development.  Additional reports, photos and videos are available upon request. 

Ariana's birth mother reportedly used alcohol during the pregnancy.


Olivia was born prematurely in April 2006 and has been diagnosed with Turner Syndrome, microcephaly, and a hemangioma on the left thigh. Her development is delayed. Olivia walks independently, including up and down stairs, speaks in simple sentences and follows complex verbal instructions. She asks many questions and insistently seeks answers. She is curious about her environment and has a positive attitude toward herself. Olivia enjoys participating in group games and is a distinct leader among her peers. She is a cheerful, affectionate girl who likes music. She attends mainstream kindergarten with the help of a resource teacher. The caretakers at her orphanage have positive expectations for Olivia's continued development. Additional reports, photos and videos are available upon request. 

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