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Waiting Child Alert: Four Beautiful Children Need Families

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Meet Daisy!!

Daisy is an adorable little 2 year old girl who has been diagnosed with Down's syndrome and strabismus of both eyes. She is described as a happy and healthy child. She is not picky about her food, she likes to eat.  She receives, rehabilitation training every other day in the orphanage, and this is improving her sitting, standing and walking abilities. She loves music and they use this as part of her therapy. 

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Meet Jimmy!!

Jimmy is a 6 year old boy with Down syndrome who has just been made available for adoption. Jimmy is a sweet boy who has good independence skills. Although he needs a reminder about when to use the restroom, he can otherwise care for his basic daily life. Jimmy can run, jumo, pinch things, and can go up and down stairs. He has a good appetite and likes rice, noodles and fruits. Jimmy can imitate drawing circles and is studying in the middle class in a kindergarten. At this time, he only can say single words such as ba, ma, hao, yao etc. He can understand adults, and can respond with using body language. Jimmy is currently living in a foster family setting. He is active and outgoing and likes playing games with the other children. He enjoys music and likes to sing along. 

Meet Jeremy!!

Jeremy came to the orphanage in 2011. At that time there was a birth note left with his given name and birthday.After coming into care, it was determined that Jeremy was diagnosed with postoperative congenital meningocele and postoperative phimosis. Jeremy is 3 years old and is able to walk without assistance but may be a slower pace than other children. At this time, Jeremy does have incontinence. Under the care of his caretakers, Jeremy's height and weight has improved. Jeremy likes biscuits and chocolate and has a good appetite. Jeremy is able to sit without help and has good coordination of all four limbs. He can use his thumbs and index fingers deftly, can drink milk by holding the bottle himself and can feed himself biscuits. Jeremy is able to put on and take off his own clothes and socks. Jeremy likes to play with blocks and will build them up and watch them fall down. He can verbalize his needs and understands adults expressions. Jeremy is a curious boy who is interested in his surroundings and fresh things. Jeremy is in the junior class of kindergarten and listens well to his teachers. He sings songs and will speak in simple words and phrases. He can point to his eyes, nose, and ears and is a big helper to his teacher. 

Meet Brody!!

Brody is a sweet little 1 year old boy who has been diagnosed with Down's syndrome and CHD. On Oct 24 2012 Brody received treatment to repair the VSD, foramen ovale closure and ligation of ductus arteriosus in the Children's Hospital through the Tomorrow Plan. He recovered well.  Brody is learning to crawl, but does not quite understand the coordination of his lower limbs. He can pick up the toys with one hand and will hold the toys near him. Brody will hold the bottle when drinking his milk. At this time Brody cannot make sounds and has no reaction if you call his name. Brody is a gently boy who is not afraid of strangers. He is quiet and likes to smile when he is happy.

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