Monday, October 7, 2013

Adopting After Infertility: Are You Ready??



Adopting After Infertility Are You Ready?


Because managing feelings around infertility and loss is so highly correlated with positive adoption outcomes, many of you have asked us to present information on this topic. 

In Adopting After Infertility, Pat Irwin Johnston, author and adoptive mom, leads prospective adoptive parents through the importance of taking time to grieve the losses imposed by infertility, explains adoption as child focused and helps couples assess their readiness to begin the adoption process. 

Learn more about Adopting After Infertility

Tough Starts Matter Series

FREE through November

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The recent Reuters/NBC story on "re-homing" has further highlighted the need for quality preparation and support for adoptive families parenting a child

with behavioral challenges. 

Through November, our Tough Starts Matter series is free to anyone - spread the word and help us get the training and support where it's needed.

The series includes four courses that help families understand how a difficult beginning may lead to troubling behavior years later. Tough Starts courses also introduce therapeutic parenting as a way to support these children and offer advice on caring for yourself and family during what can be an extremely emotional and stressful time.

Send families here to take Tough Starts Matter for free

Subsequent Adoptions

We have been asked by many of you to suggest choices for those families training for a subsequent adoption.  We've created a page with our recommendations making it easy for you to direct families to one place! Download a list of courses.

Check out our subsequent adoption recommendations


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