Friday, September 13, 2013

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again???


The start of school brings new beginnings, and gives us all a chance to get through the "to do" lists we've set aside over the summer. Here's the scoop to catch you up:

Gift of Identity Grants for International Adoptees Visiting Their Birth Country

Deadline to apply is September 15, 2013.  The first grants (up to $5000 each) will be given out for summer 2014 travel. Gift of Identity is a 501(C)(3) non profit organization, and the only organization to provide grants to international adoptees traveling to their birth country. See

How You Can Learn More About the Benefits and Complexities of Birth Country Travel

The complexities are critical to think about.

Extended: Early Bird Discount of $100 per person extended to September 20

Ok, so you needed a little more time. We get that, and have extended the early bird discount accordingly .Summer programs are open in Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Colombia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Korea, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam (and possibly Nepal). Ties programs are adoption focused journeys. 

Winter Programs: India, Vietnam, Cambodia

Journeys of Discovery--Focus on Culture Rather Than Adoption

Maybe it's your first trip back, and you'd like to "keep things light." Or maybe you've done an adoption focused trip and are now looking for something different. Or, perhaps you adopted from "country A" but would like to see more of the world.   Journeys programs are now open in Guatemala and Vietnam. Other countries are on the drawing board. 

Finally Some Good Adoption News:  

Download the PDF.

That's the news!

Becca Piper
AP x 4, Bereaved Parent x 1
Founder & Co-Director, The Ties Program--Adoptive Family Homeland Journeys
Founder & Co-Director, World Ties--Home of Project Kindness
Co-Director, Journeys of Discovery--Global Journeys WITHOUT an adoption focus
Proud Board Member--Gift of Identity Fund....finally, funding for international adoptees on homeland journeys

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