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WAITING CHILD PROGRAM - Great Wall China Adoption

Urgent Need for Zoe!

Today we are sending out an urgent request for little Zoe. This sweet girl is 4 years old and is from one of our orphanage partnerships. Zoe's severe medical condition is worsening, and the hospitals in her area have no other treatment options. Please take the time to read her story and share it with others so that this adorable child can come home quickly and receive the life saving medical interventions she needs.

Zoe - 4 year old

Zoe is a beautiful 4 year old girl who has been diagnosed with severe Thalassemia. Her condition has worsened and her liver and spleen are showing signs of swelling. Although Zoe receives multiple transfusions monthly, the hospitals in her area are not equipped to provide her with the lifesaving treatment she desperately needs. Her case is extremely urgent and she needs to find her forever family as soon as possible.

Zoe is a smart and inquisitive little girl. She can be shy at first, but warms up to new people quickly. She enjoys playing with many different toys.  She has normal cognitive development, but is not attending school at this time due to her medical condition. Zoe interacts well with other children and adults. Her caregivers describe her as sweet, obedient, and adorable. To learn more about how you can adopt Zoe, please email us at

Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc is pleased announce a pilot network Waiting Child program in partnership with Great Wall China Adoption! Great Wall China Adoption is one of the most respected and trusted agencies worldwide, that has been accredited by the Chinese government to place Chinese children into permanent and loving families. Hopscotch will be working exclusively with all New York and North Carolina families to bring a beautiful waiting child home from one of the most reliable and structured inter-country adoption programs available.

Want to get started today?  You'll want to click here or call our office to get your home study underway immediately.  Want to learn more about Great Wall China Adoption's Waiting Child program? Just click here.

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