Saturday, August 10, 2013

Attention North Carolina and New York Host Families!

If you are thinking about hosting a child this summer, you'll need a host family assessment.  Click here to get your assessment started today!

Host Programs: What are they all about?

Worthy and Reposted from: Rainbow Kids/Martha Osborne

th Host programs allow specific children to travel during holidays to the USA and stay with families for a summer or winter 'fun experience'. The hosting families are screened carefully, and many of them are hosting a child with the hope that they will eventually adopt that child. 
Families are asked not to talk about adoption in front of the child, and let the experience be a positive, holiday time for the hosted child. Hosted children MUST return to their original countries after the holiday period.  Some children stay with 'host only' families, who do not intend to eventually adopt.  Quietly, the host family and group leaders reach out to other screened-families who are interested in adopting an older child.  Over the years, I have seen hundreds of older children, once thought to be 'unadoptable' due to their age, enter into loving families."Curtis", pictured above, is a 'host only' child who is in Virginia until August 6th. He and 2 other young boys need families. If you are considering the adoption of an older child, and are willing to travel to meet Curtis and the other hosted boys, please contact to learn more.  This will still be an international adoption, and the children will return to their orphanages after August 6th. Hopefully families will be found before they leave!

--Martha Osborne of Rainbow Kids

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