Friday, July 26, 2013

Rex's Together Forever Day Anniversary #2

By: Viviane Martini

clip_image001[6]Two years ago today, we took Rex out of the orphanage forever.  I think he knew even then that he was beginning to rule a kingdom requiring a great overhaul which only he could bring about.  The kingdom needed more challenging work for its inhabitants, more patience, more chaos, more flexibility, more courage.  It could do with more laughter and more tears, more noise, more appreciation of the little things, and so much more love.  King Rex set about his work instantly with considerable dedication and in two years has managed to not only change us, but also himself.

Rex is more than a long list of complex diagnoses and bleak prognoses.  He is a little boy with thoughts and feelings, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.  What makes him so special to us is hard to put into words, but here are some of the things we love about our Armenian treasure:


When Rex wakes up in the morning, he climbs into our bed and makes sure he gets his snuggles in.

Rex will eat just about anything on a sandwich or a cracker/chip.

The roughest skin on Rex's body is on his palms.

Rex is a guys' guy.

When he's ready to fall asleep, Rex pulls the blanket over his head and is almost instantly out.

Rex loves music, climbing, jumping, and banging stuff.

clip_image002Rex distinguishes between his parents and the rest of the world.

Rex is all boy, skinned knees, bruises, boogers, sticky hands, sweaty hair, and able to turn any object into a weapon.

Rex's smile stretches from ear to ear and his laughter peals through our life like a priceless reward.

Rex is curious about how things work.

Rex has toy magic.

Rex is confident and strong.

Happy Together Forever Day, my Armenian love.  You are a miracle

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