Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Dark Matter of Love Joins the Fight to Free the 300

The Dark Matter of Love screens on Capitol Hill to an audience of policy and decision makers


Double Bounce Films presents

The Dark Matter of Love Kickstarter Campaign

This feature documentary tells the story of three of the last Russian children able to be adopted into an American family - Masha, Vadim and Marcel. After some inevitable teething problems, the children flourish in their new family. The film demonstrates the difference the love of a family can make to a child's development.

On January the 1st 2013 Russian President Vladimir Putin passed a law banning the adoption of Russian children into American families. Approximately 300 Russian children just like Masha and her brothers have met and started to fall in love with their families, but can no longer complete their adoptions. 

 The film will have it's Russian premiere at the Moscow Film Festival in June


The film then goes on to screen to representatives from 56 nations at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Istanbul in July

When director Sarah McCarthy was making The Dark Matter of Love, she had no idea that President Putin was going to pass this law. Suddenly her film became a 90 minute demonstration of what these children are being denied.

In April 2013 the film screened in conjunction with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, National Council on Adoption, CASE and Cinema for Peace to an audience of policy and decision makers on Capitol Hill.

The film makes its Russian premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival in June 2013, accompanied by a petition of over 63,000 signatures. Key Russian policy makers will be in attendance at the screening, as well as American parents waiting to be united with their adopted children.


 President Obama will meet with President Putin in mid June

With your help, we can elevate the campaign and put pressure on leading officials to take action. THE DARK MATTER OF LOVE is currently raising funds through Kickstarter for a screening tour of Russia and the US to raise the profile of the situation. To see our campaign video click here. Please join us in the fight to bring these children home.

You can learn more about the film and accompanying campaign in this piece from The Huffington Post.


 300+ Russian children like Evie are waiting to be re-united with their adoptive American parents.

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