Friday, June 21, 2013

Social Media’s Effects on Child Adoption: E-Book

Adoption STAR has previously published individual chapters of its E-Book “Adoption and Social Media: The Effects of Social Media and the Internet on Child Adoption” on this blog, and you can now download the full E-Book as a PDF, by clicking here. Source: Michele Fried

This E-Book focuses on:

  • Using Social Media to perform an adoption search
  • Using Social Media in an open adoption relationship 
  • Keeping your children safe online.
  • How to adjust privacy settings on different social media websites

"Over the last few years social media’s impact on the adoption journey has grown substantially and it is important to be educated and prepared on the best ways to handle certain situations as a birth parent, adoptive parent or adoptee. No matter the circumstance, what’s important is that you maintain open and honest communications with your loved ones as well as an adoption counselor when beginning an adoption search online. This E-Book is a great beginning for your social media and adoption education." -Michele Fried

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