Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guatemala900 Statement: Ending Reunification Efforts In Best Interest of Children with Pending Adoptions in Guatemala


By Guatemala900

g900bannerjc-300x67 We the Guatemala900, citing the importance of preserving the affective familial bonds that have been developed in the past 6+ years between children with pending adoptions in Guatemala and their corresponding US adoptive families, now believe that the Guatemalan government should immediately suspend current efforts to reunify the children with their biological families. In addition to honoring these longstanding bonds that the children have already obtained, we also believe the reunifications are inappropriate because they are riddled with coercive practices that pressure biological families to take custody of the children they willingly placed for adoption over half a decade ago.

The Guatemalan government recently started intense reunification efforts where both immediate and extended biological relatives of the adoptive children are sought out and pressured to take the child back and end the adoption.  Reunification is a very legitimate function in the world of child placement, but the current efforts with the pending adoptions in Guatemala are no longer appropriate and not in the children’s best interest.

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