Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Orphans Without Borders" is a dialog between people...

th Dear Adoptive Families,

The Facebook page "Orphans Without Borders" is almost ready!

This is the way to reach as many people as possible to support the right of children to have a family.

In order to complete the page and send the information out we are looking for a profile picture - a child holding a globe. Under the picture there will be a sign - "Orphans Without Borders". Please, take a picture of your child/children with the globe and send it to us asap. Any variations are welcome.

There are three main ways happening right now to advocate for the families and children who are currently in the process of adoption: diplomatic dialogs between the Governments, the media and people to people.

"Orphans without Borders" is a dialog between people. This is an important platform and is very powerful. People all over the world need to share their stories advocating for abandoned children. This is an emotional and positive way to reach out to the Russian people and communicate with them. We are helping children together. There are many Russians who are against the ban. We need to have more people and more support.

Please, send your stories to us with a family picture if you adopted a child (all countries, not only Russia).

We are looking for a very simple message:

"We,... (first names are fine if you do not want to provide the last one) believe that every child needs a family. We adopted our ________ from _________ and we live in America (we want eventually to hear from different people all over the world to make it global, showing the idea of Orphans Without Borders). (It is important to say if your child had or has a medical problem and how the child is doing now). We love our (son/daughter). We hope that many other orphaned children in Russia will be with their loving families soon. We support "Orphans Without Borders". (It has to be short and strong).

If you are a waiting family currently in the process of adoption in Russia, please express your love and feelings towards the child you are planning to adopt, in a few sentences. With respect to the Russian rules, do not use last names of the child(ren). You can mention their medical condition to show how urgent the situation is and how much that child needs to have a family and treatment.

You can send just a picture of yourself holding the sign, which says "We support Orphans Without Borders" or "I Love... and want her/him to be part of our family" -any statement which you believe in, and is coming from your heart- no anger, no politics- only love to children and their well-being.

Please, send the information to Sasha (Alex) D'Jamoos

We want to put new stories every day. The page will be translated to Russian as well.

It is a hard time for many families in process and it is important to do everything possible to help them to finalize their adoptions. Hope dies last- as we say in Russia.


Natasha Shaginian-Needham, M.D.
Executive Director and Co-Founder
Happy Families International Center,Inc.
of Artist Foundation in Russia Documentary Producer

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