Monday, January 28, 2013

Join Both Ends Burning in Raising Awareness About International Adoption Issues!

International adoption, as you know, faces ever-growing challenges placing children in loving homes, and Both Ends Burning is devoted to doing something about it.

But Both Ends Burning needs your help.

BEB is a non-profit foundation dedicated to uniting adoption advocates, raising public awareness and taking steps to reform the policies that deny thousands of orphaned and abandoned children the loving families that await them.

STUCK the documentary.

We made a full-length documentary detailing the stories of four kids from different countries around the world and the trials of finalizing their adoptions. It touches people’s hearts and – we hope – spurs them to action. STUCK won the Audience Choice award for a documentary at the Heartland Film Festival, and promises to spread the word to a wide audience about the broken adoption system.

We want everyone to experience this powerful film. So beginning March 1, we are going on the road and premiering STUCK in 60 cities over 78 days. (Click here to learn when we’ll be in your city:

In each city, we’re planning a full day of activities from media appearances to speaking engagements at universities, service clubs and other groups. In the evening, we’ll have a premiere party and finally, the movie itself, followed by a Q&A with our founder, Craig Juntunen. Our goal is to raise awareness and mobilize people to support reform for international adoption.

To make this work, though, we need a dedicated group of volunteers at each of our 60 locations.

How you can help.

We’re asking for your help in getting the word out. Some things you can do include:

1. Send details to your distribution list. This is our biggest and most important request. We’ve attached a letter you can send to your staff, your families, prospective families and people you know who are passionate about the issue of international adoption. It includes a link to our website where they can sign up to help in advance and on the day of the premiere. We need from 10-20 volunteers in each city.

2. “Like” and “Share” our Facebook page. We need everyone to go to!/STUCKthedocumentary to “like” the page and share it on their own walls 

3. Schedule your own promotional activities to complement our efforts on the day. This will be a day to raise awareness – some adoption agencies are planning open houses; individuals can schedule fundraisers … the opportunities are endless. We are asking for your support and in return we would like to support you.

Right now our biggest challenge is time. We need to set up our team of volunteers as soon as possible for this to be a success.

So please, look at the attached information, share it with your distribution lists and on your social media sites. Feel free to call us with any questions or ideas. We have a team of professionals in our office to partner with your city volunteers to make sure they have the support the need.

And above all, we all want to keep the kids in mind. Every day a child spends in an institution or on the streets is one less day they have growing up in a healthy family setting. We must act, now.

Thanks so much for your help. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Julie Landman
STUCK Tour Director

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