Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Families With Russian Children: This Is Your Opportunity To Participate In A Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty News Story

My name is Valentin Baryshnikov, I am a journalist at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russian service. RFE/RL is an independent broadcaster funded by US Congress.

In wake of recent events in Russia where authorities adopted legislation which prohibited adoption of Russian orphans by American families we decided to produce a series of special stories to show everyday life of adopted children in US. We think that it is very important to show it to a Russian society as it has little knowledge of fate of adopted children which might sometimes not be easy but definitely is far from what Russian media and anti-American sentiments often describe.

Our idea is to produce something which might be described as a visual diary, a one day of a one child. That means that parents of adopted child would document his or her day, making photos or videos and be the end of the day send it to us along with a verbal description which might be recorded in different ways. Then we edit this and post to our site and promote through different means like social networks etc. You can get an idea of how it might look here.

We would really appreciate if you find it possible to participate in our project which we would like to start as soon as possible.


Valentin Baryshnikov

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