Friday, December 21, 2012

Russian Adoptees Finding Their Voice

Young Adoptee Responds to the Ban on Intercountry Adoption in Russia


Sasha D’Jamoos is a young Russian adoptee with special needs who just yesterday started Voice of the Child, a campaign to encourage the continuation of adoptions between Russia and the United States.  As part of his campaign, Sasha has published a letter and petition which he will personally deliver to the Russian Embassy in Washington DC on Wednesday, December 26th.

Sasha has asked for our support, and yours, in publicizing his campaign and requesting that as many individuals as possible sign the petition.   I told him that he could count on us - that we would as an organization and coalition, support them in helping other children find what they found, a safe, permanent and loving family. 

Sasha’s letter and petition can be found at Voice of the Child.   Please consider encouraging your colleagues, clients, families and friends to sign the petition today.

Best Wishes,

Tom DiFilipo

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