Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks in Honor of National Adoption Month at the USCIS Citizenship Ceremony for Internationally Adopted Children

It's immensely encouraging to read Secretary Clinton's remarks on Adoption Month.  This is VERY exciting and heartening!!

"...And I want to thank USCIS for – I want to thank you for partnering with this effort. We want to make sure that governments around the world play by the same set of rules when it comes to intercountry adoption, putting the health and welfare of children first.

And as we mark National Adoption Month, that’s what our embassies will be emphasizing. Because we think of intercountry adoption is an important matter of foreign policy. It provides the opportunity for loving parents to offer a permanent home and a family for children who need that. And it deepens and enriches our culture and builds on one of America’s greatest strengths, our diversity So this is a special time to welcome new members to the American family..."

Watch Secretary Clinton's speech in honor of National Adoption Month.

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