Thursday, October 4, 2012

Adoption Nutrition

A little over a year ago something really important happened. We walked into a place that would change our lives forever. We met two sweet angels. This is the first time we met Francesca. Francesca was exactly what I expected. A friend of mine had met her when she adopted her little one, so I knew a lot about her.

And little Victoria, who never, ever smiled. The orphanage director described her as having no spirit. When I first saw her, I was stunned. She was totally shut down and showed no emotions. We had to decide within a day if we wanted to adopt her. We could choose to leave her. In my mind, there was a huge risk involved.

Victoria’s eyes haunted me. When we left the orphanage that day, I couldn’t get her eyes out of my mind. We made the decision that we couldn’t leave her. No matter what her abilities would be, she deserved more.


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