Thursday, September 6, 2012

Adopted: The Identity Project

Webinar Reminder!

This course gives parents a unique view into the hearts, minds and souls of the adopted person experience. 

Through video and written stories, adult adopted people openly and honestly reflect on their experiences as children and teens, looking back at critical junctures in their lives. 

These stories give parents invaluable insights into what their own child may be feeling and are supported with practical tips and advice from our expert.

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New Course!

Adoption and Classroom Success   

Beyond the Basics 

Wednesday, Sept. 19

7:00 PM Central
Q&A: 8:00 PM 


Join us for a discussion with Heather T. Forbes, LCSW as she presents tips and strategies on how to help your child be more successful at school - smoothing transitions, helping teachers understand behavior and increasing motivation to succeed! 


Submit your questions for Heather HERE or by tweeting them to @adoptiontweet using #ALPSchool

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