Monday, July 9, 2012

Advocacy Alert H.R. 4373

Dear Adoption Tax Credit Working Group (ATCWG) Member:                                                                                               
The ATCWG is coordinating a constituent U.S. House of Representatives call-in this week to generate Congressional attention for the federal adoption tax credit. Representatives need to hear from their constituents about the adoption tax credit to know that it is important to them. For this reason, we are asking members of the Working Group to email an advocacy action alert to their networks tomorrow, July 10th! The goal of the action alert is to have individuals call their Representatives and ask them to co-sponsor H.R. 4373, The Making Adoption Affordable Act.

Here is a document template you can use, or, modify as appropriate, as your advocacy action alert. We ask that you please share it through your networks using your normal email, or other, distribution methods.

If appropriate, you can also suggest anyone who has ever been named an Angel in Adoption and whose member of Congress is still in office ought to mention that to whoever he/she talks to when calling. It is a built in connection to the Member and will help persuade the staffer to take it seriously.

Thank you for your support and collective effort to renew the adoption tax credit. Also, we would love your feedback on how this action alert was received by your constituency and how we can improve upon it for the next time we send out an action alert.


ATCWG Executive Committee, Secretariat 

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